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Nobody wants to end up in court but if the unfortunate situation arises, it is important to know that you have someone on your side who can guide you through the complex and emotionally challenging situation and who will work to find the best result for you.

There can never be a guarantee of getting all you want but the guarantee you will get from me is that I will use all my ability and experience to achieve the best possible outcome for you. With nearly thirty years of experience appearing in courts and tribunals at all levels throughout Scotland, I am one of the most experienced local solicitors in litigation matters and will use all that experience and knowledge for your benefit.


The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most significant relationships any of us have, and like all relationships can be subject to difficult times.  Sometimes those difficulties result in the relationship breaking down completely, but with the right input, solutions can be found to minimise the problems and sometimes prevent the worst.  As a specialist in employment law, I can help Employers or Employees with all aspects of their Employment law needs, whether that is dealing with HR matters such as disciplinary or long-term sickness, negotiating Settlement Agreements or tribunal representation.  You can be assured of expert knowledge, skilled dispute resolution and effective advocacy from me.


I can help you with a range of matters relating to commercial transactions including the sale, purchase and lease of commercial property. These can be complicated transactions that can have a significant impact on your business.

Whether you want representation and help relating to commercial property, disposing of or making an acquisition, I can bring a wealth of experience to you and your business.

Commercial leasing

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, I can provide you with advice on all aspects of commercial leasing including sub-leasing, licences for works, dilapidations and irritancy, and rent review agreements.


Acquisition and sale

I provide my clients with an individually tailored service on acquiring and disposing of all types of commercial property, from offices and shops to industrial sites and business parks.

Company structures and formation

Whether it is a partnership, a joint venture, or a company with limited liability, I can help you with the formal structure of your business. I can also draw up consortium agreements as well as shareholder agreements and can help with the buying and selling of shares.

I can also help clients who are embarking on their first business venture and can advise on a range of business issues such as funding, business planning and employment law.


The breakdown of any family relationship is one of the hardest times imaginable, especially when there are children involved. By dealing with matters as quickly and as sensitively as possible, I try to minimise this as much as I can for my clients.

I am experienced in all aspects of Divorce and can provide you with a full range of specialist advice and representation depending on your individual circumstances. Of course, each situation is completely different and varies greatly depending on the position that you find yourself in. These can relate to divorce, separation, contact, interdict from harassments, capital claims, parental rights and adoptions.

But whatever your own family situation is, I will work hard to find the solution that is right for you and will do so with integrity and sensitivity.



All relationships go through difficult periods and sometime support and advice can resolve issues and I am always happy to recommend counselling services if clients feel that is of benefit.

Sometimes, however, a marriage breakdown is unavoidable and when this is the case it is always my policy to work to resolve these matters by negotiating an amicable separation agreement which enables couples to then proceed with an unopposed divorce action.

Sometimes divorces can begin on an opposed basis but through careful negotiation and mediation, settlement terms can very often be agreed and this is an effective, less expensive and often a far less emotionally demanding way of dealing with difficult divorces.

There are occasions when court action is necessary, and we have the experience to deal with opposed divorce actions in court including disputes with children and money.


Adopting a child can be incredibly worthwhile and rewarding, but it can also be a daunting process. I can provide advice and prepare the required documentation you will need for court, whether you wish to adopt a child, a stepchild or a grandchild. I can also assist in opposing an adoption, should that be required.


Planning for the future is something that I would advise everyone to do. Taking care of your will and making sure your final wishes known, discussing power of attorney, or putting your assets into trust can save your family a great deal of stress during a difficult time.


Having a properly drawn up and regularly updated will, provides peace of mind and can avoid unnecessary future legal expense. This relatively inexpensive exercise means your assets will pass to those you wish to benefit on your death and reduces the risk of your property (or your estate) passing on to others.

Drawing up a will involves naming the beneficiaries who you would like to inherit your property. It is a formal legal document and needs to be correctly signed by appropriate parties, avoiding it being declared invalid, in which case your property and assets may not go to the people you intended.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is often used in later life when, either through physical or mental illness, it can become more difficult for a person to manage their affairs themself.

A power of attorney is a formal legal document in which you allow someone else to manage your affairs on your behalf. Once in place it will give you and your family peace of mind and can help prevent stressful situations from developing and difficult decisions such as who will access your bank account, pay your family’s bills, decide where you should live, run your business or manage any other legal or financial affairs for you. It avoids the need for family members to apply to court under a guardianship application which can be a lengthy and stressful process.


Executry is the process of dealing with a deceased’s estate, whether there is a will or not. It can be a complex process and it is always better to have the help of an experienced solicitor.

The executor is the person or persons who are legally empowered to administer and deal with the assets of the deceased. Forms need to be completed to address any tax that is due and, once everything is approved by the Court, confirmation will be granted in favour of the executor. This means the estate can then be wound up.

Through my network of experienced colleagues, I can ensure that you get the best support and legal knowledge and experience to help you through these complex processes.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning refers to how you pass on your personal assets or your business. Planning for your family’s future is essential and I can help you to make the most of your wealth for future generations. I will work with you to understand what is important to you and your family and can help devise the most appropriate strategy to suit your needs.


Succession Planning involves more than just making a Will and taxation considerations are often relevant but overemphasis on avoiding tax may not fulfil the practical needs and wishes of your family or business. There may be concerns about significant wealth being given to family members who are not ready for it, i.e. how might it affect their lives? I can put you in touch with the right people who will work along with me in making sure as much of your estate as possible legally passes to your beneficiaries.


Reparation is the term used for compensation claims following accidents. Loss of wages and compensation for injuries sustained from a minor incident to the most serious of accidents are regularly considered by me. I am always happy to provide advice and to take matters forward in negotiating claims for injured parties.

Whether your claim is against an employer, a driver, a Local Authority, or a company, I can advise you on your claim and bring in the necessary expertise when appropriate to make sure we achieve the best outcome for you.


I have considerable experience in all aspects of debt recovery and management. Whether that is negotiating for creditors or debtors, I will advise on correspondence, or if need be, use my experience in the Court process, either way I will always try to provide the best solution for the client. We offer a swift and efficient debt recovery service for creditors and we can find the best method of recovering the money due to them and can provide a strategy for that. Quite often a warning letter is enough to prompt payment, however if this does not work, I can then raise court proceedings quickly and efficiently.

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